About Carlos Garcia

Carlos GarciaGarcia Studio is located in Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in food and beverage photography. Carlos Garcia has been involved in the advertising photography industry for over three decades, and has achieved great success, for himself, and for his clients. He is available to do the same for you!

Carlos has been a creative type since childhood. He entered college with an interest in art, and there he was first introduced to photography. He graduated from Florida State University in 1981 with a B.F.A. majoring in photography.

He then moved to Atlanta, and after a few years assisting and shooting at some of the busiest studios in town, he opened his own studio in 1984. Business grew progressively, to the point he needed larger facilities.

In 1990, he bought his own 3,000 square foot building, and installed a very large fully equipped kitchen to assure smooth production for any food or beverage client. You'll also find a vast selection of music, and some of the best coffee in Atlanta!

Clients have included Auntie Anne's Pretzel, Barilla, Cinnabon, Coca Cola, CSM Bakery Solutions, Denny's, Fatz Cafe, Flowers Bakery, Godiva, Honeybaked Ham, Krystal, Seattle's Best Coffee Intl., Wayne Farms, Welch's, Wewalka, UniPro Food Service, and Zaxby's.

Garcia Studio is a client friendly, service oriented business. Carlos believes that great creative results come from collaboration and team effort. He values working closely with his clients to give them the imagery they desire, while also contributing his own unique creative style.

Call him, he'd love to be on your team for your next project (call 404-892-2334, or email carlos@garciastudio.com). Contact him to set up an appointment for you to tour his studio so you can see where your next success can happen.